Here are our top picks for what you need to hear, see, and do in Montreal this month | Voici nos évènements choisis: ce dont vous avez besoin d’écouter, voir et faire à Montréal ce mois-ci

Cock, Playshed @ MAI 

Founded by artists Birdie Gregor, Jimmy Blais, and Olivier Lamarche, Plashed strives to harvest imagination and to seek out points of view that differ from the norm by blending cultures, genders and disciplines. In their inaugural production, Cock, by the British author Mike Bartlett, we follow John, who has been in a stable relationship with his boyfriend for many years but accidentally falls in love with a woman. Cock questions the dual nature of sexuality, and the complexities of love and commitment in the modern world, and prompts a dialogue around identity, categorization, fluidity, and the status quo. 29.01.2016 – 14.02.2016 

Masthead, Andrea Carlson @ La Centrale

In Masthead, Minneapolis based artist Andrea Carlson cites cannibal narratives and film titles as a metaphors for assimilation in the vein of a postcolonial critique. Spanning nearly a decade, Carlson’s collection of paintings and drawings assembles into a grand “shipwreck” of objects. As the artist states: “The objects and texts represented in my work are displayed hovering like holy icons, floating and centered on the page. As these objects dangle over the seashore like a carrot, the shore rises up, itself fluid, all-consuming and assimilating as the earth takes back and buries it’s histories.”05.02.2016 – 04.03.2016

LGBT Film Series: Studlebrity @ Never Apart

Using a combination of archival video and photos in conjunction with new original interview and photo-shoot style footage Studlebrity creates a layered look at the new Social Celebrity and their unique male mayhem. Hosted by Never Apart, the LGBT Film Series is  geared to LGBT people to promote a positive lifestyle and a safe environment with unique programming and educational screenings to broaden and elevate minds while also building community. 06.02.2016, 6pm

Indigenous Community, Resistance, and Media, a panel and guided Q&A @ SSMU Ballroom

Mainstream media has often misrepresented Indigenous community and resistance. This misrepresentation has facilitated both interpersonal and state violence against Indigenous peoples and been used to undermine direct action. Indigenous journalists however have also fought back with their own media iniatives, many of which have been crucial in moments of critical resistance. Panelists include: Irkar Beljaars, Kahnentinetha, and Steve Bonspeil. 08.02.2016, 6pm                                                                                                                              

Erin Gee: Conversations in Contemporary Art @ Concordia University

Erin Gee is a Montreal-based artist and composer who explores human voices in electronic bodies, re-locating boundaries of musical form through technological interfaces. Her work includes  emotion-driven musical robotics, algorithmic music performance, interactive sonic sculpture/scores and digitally-inspired musical compositions. 11.02.2016, 6pm

Hands on: Women, Climate (V.F.) @ Patro Le Provost

Hands On suit cinq femmes de quatre continents qui luttent contre les changements climatiques à travers la politique, les manifestations, l’éducation et l’innovation. 15.02.2016, 7:30pm

Workshop #9: Sexualities, hosted by the Centre for Gender Advocacy @ 1500 de Maisonneuve West, suite #404

This workshop is about learning about different sexualities and orientations and will discuss ways in which we can confront prejudice and discrimination and work towards being more inclusive and open to different identities and experiences. 18.02.2016, 6:30-8:30pm

Time to Act? / Temps d’agir?, hosted by Art-Facto. Today @ Eastern Bloc

Art-Facto.Today is an international contemporary art magazine. To mark the first year of the magazine, an event-exhibition will be held under the theme ‘Time to act?’ The team considers that art can be part of the everyday and provide an answer to contemporary issues. Through the selected works, Art-Facto aims to question and give a different perspective on socio-political reality and on the challenges causing problems in contemporary life. 20.02.2016, 6pm-12am