Here are some links that you might find interesting – Voici quelques liens qui pourraient t’intéresser

– Global Teacher Prize:  The Palestinian Woman, Hanan Al Hroub won the Global Teacher Prize 2016 

– Medium: The World is Designed for Men : How Bias is Built Into Our Daily Lives

– The Link: Feminist Bookstore in Montreal

– The Telegraph: Graffiti Artist Destroys Own Work After his Art was Removed from Original Locations

– Slate FR: La Princesse Rom de la Mode

– The Creators Project:
From Van Gogh to Jeff Koons, Here’s a History of Flowers in Art

Kabul’s Female Graffiti Master – VIDEO

Nu pour l’Art de la Contestation


  • Ai Weiwei & the refugees crisis | Ai Weiwei & la crise des réfugiés

PBS ENG – 5 times Ai Weiwei’s art has called attention to the refugee crisis

The Guardian ENGThere are better ways for Ai Weiwei to take a political stand than posing as a drowned infant

Slate FR – Ce que maîtrise Ai Weiwei, c’est (surtout) l’art de la communication

Ai Weiwei Presents Sculptures 'Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads' In Prague

Image: Creators Project; Slate; PBS