DRAG ME – Krysten Krulik

OCTOBER 13, 2018

Shot at the House of Laureen, a queer and political drag house, Drag Me poses complex and personal questions about the multiplicity of self. Images are doubled and tripled, rippling in an out of mirrors, placing drag at the halfway point between the reflected and the created self – the exploration of a different facet of identity, rather than the creation of a new one. The dimly-lit, warm ambiance of Krulik’s Drag Me project invites you into the House of Laureen as a space of examination, confession, and revelation; the intermingling clarity and obscurity provide a place for self-discovery that exists devoid of time’s chronology. The implementation of mismatched sound, distorted, moving images, and non-linearity further disrupt any notion of fixed personhood, as they blur the phases of drag pre-production, performance, and de-dragging. Rather than a chronological documentary depicting drag as a ritualistic act of becoming someone or something else, Drag Me aims to showcase the blurred lines of identity that are ever-present and eternally shifting.

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An undergraduate
feminist art & art history