JANUARY 5, 2018

“My poem is intended to make the statement that not everything is how it seems. Sometimes the most cheerful souls house monsters behind their facades, and sometimes the prettiest flowers have roots that rot beneath the surface. Nothing should be taken at face value when all we do is work to ensure that those faces never crack. There are some who dress to the nines in florals, but can never be the garden they wish to see bloom.”
Hannah Chubb

Hannah is a Canadian by heart and American by passport, currently residing in the Big Apple. She graduated from McGill University in the spring of 2017 with a major in Sociology, and minors in Psychology and Communication Studies. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Journalism, with a concentration in Magazine Writing, at the Arthur L. Carter Graduate School of Journalism at New York University. She writes about what makes her passionate: social issues, fascinating people, the women’s movement, and culture. If you’re making a difference in this world, she’d love to write about you. Ten years from now she hopes to be writing for a women’s magazine, covering things that matter for the people who care to know.

An undergraduate
feminist art & art history