Le Lin, 不要泄露或隐瞒我 / don’t reveal or conceal me

FEBRUARY 12, 2021

Le Lin, 不要泄露或隐瞒我 / don’t reveal or conceal me. 6 page artist-book: screen-print on strathmore paper. Japanese bound (5-hole). 8.5 in x 9 in. 2017.

Back in 2017, I dedicated a month to myself. I screen-printed 6 blank shirts with the words “不要泄露或隐瞒我 / don’t reveal or conceal me” and wore them every day throughout that month. This project reflected the places my mind was going to – places of internalized gender disorientation and of navigating the performative aspects of walking through the world in a Chinese queer/trans body.

About the artist:

Le Lin is a trans Chinese-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, activist, and researcher based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal, Quebec. They love expanding and finding new ways to create art through printmaking, book-making, and digital web interventions. A strong believer that art should be an experience of healing, empathy, and connection, they explore thoughts and ideas that are authentic to their diasporic experience; these include gender, racialization, queerness, language, and identity.

An undergraduate
feminist art & art history