ONE DAY I’LL GROW UP – Jacqueline Beaumont

NOVEMBER 2, 2018

This was the first piece of lingerie the artist made for herself during her transition. Filled with earth, chia, and alfalfa, it was left to sprout at its own autonomy. Femininity is grown into rather than given at birth, our feminine identity needs nurturing and allowance to take its own form, much like the unexpected but cherished fungal colonies that bloomed. This piece was made as a memorialization of the artist’s past self, and our murdered and missing trans sisters, as well as a celebration of rebirth for her future self. The embroidery is a phrase from Antony and the Johnsons’ “For Today I Am a Boy”. The artist sings this song to herself when she is crippled by dysphoria.

Embroidered with the help of the textiles and materiality cluster at Milieux.

Artist’s Instagram: @jac_beaumont

An undergraduate
feminist art & art history