Untitled (Mommy) – Aaliyah Crawford

FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Aaliyah Crawford is a third year Montreal Undergraduate in Print Media student exploring personal themes such as privacy, intimacy and abuse. By creating a dialogue between her lived experiences and those of the viewers through imagery, printed objects, installation and text, she attempts to bridge the gap between the innately individual and the universal, connecting viewer and artist through shared vulnerability. Her art practice expands upon the traditional understanding of self-portraiture, often in an attempt to exorcise the shame associated with public expressions of this vulnerability. Guiding and prompting viewers in a questioning of their own relationship with difficult emotions, the work aims to disrupt, challenge and undermine the toxic and oppressive tropes surrounding all forms of emotional expression within the public, private and personal spheres. Delving into the multiple intersecting oppressive forces of racism, colourism, sexism and ableism that she faces, she underlines the power of remaining soft under these pressures.

You can find more of Aaliyah’s work on her instagram.

An undergraduate
feminist art & art history