Sadie Mallon’s “How to Care for a Limp Thing” – An Interview with Eva Morrison

Sadie Mallon–”How to Care for a Limp Thing” video stills. In an interview with Yiara Online’s lead contributor Eva Morrison, Concordia undergraduate artist Sadie Mallon discusses her recent work “How to Care for a Limp Thing”. The video piece explores acts of care; how we care for others and what we get–or do not get–in […]

The Body as Costume; ORLAN’s “Omniprésence” and the Standard of Taste – Taylor Neal

Orlan is both fascinating and dreadful[1]. This seems to be the consensus among spectators and discourse regarding the French artist Mireille Suzanne Francette Porte, who has made a name for herself as a performance artist and feminist icon since the early 1970s under the name Saint Orlan, claimed by the artist in 1971. With her […]

Angeline Meitzler’s SHE IS – Eva Morrison

(TW: discussion of sexual assault) A visual artwork situated online, She Is digitally reconfigures the first 100 tweets that used the hashtag #AzizAnsari shortly after he was accused of sexual assault in a article last January. The artist, Angeline Meitzler, corrupts the meaning of the tweets by representing them as anonymous, digitally manipulated, overlapping, […]

WOUNDS – Saint Lo.

Saint Lo. is a Montreal-based folk, indie, pop-rock band with roots that stretch across the continent. Their songs are nuanced and layered, featuring hypnotic vocals, profound lyrics, and intricate harmonies. Their lyricisms touch upon the various themes of complex emotion: vulnerability, isolation, connection, nostalgia, loss, and hope. The band members are Isabella Harned, Bashu Naimi-Roy, […]

MUSEUM – Hazel Thexton

Hazel Thexton’s piece depicts modern women’s grooming products, as seen through the lens of a future society’s exhibit on archaic, restrictive beauty practices. This postmodern frame aims to recalibrate our understanding of contemporary grooming and beauty norms as self-evident and normal. The viewer must reconsider their usual reaction of shock or derision to similarly framed […]


Laval’s Suburb triennial, “Triennale Banlieue!: Là où se prépare le future”, is showcasing 17 Canadian artists whose work touches on suburban identity; ruminating on the larger migrations or everyday commutes, the expanding population, and both the utopian and dystopian perspectives that make the outskirts of the city a place where “the future is prepared”.  As […]


A historical Islamic revolution took place in 1979 in Iran that changed the life of people, especially that of women. Before 1979, women were not questioned because of their appearance in the streets. Wearing hijab became compulsory in Iran during the first few months after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Gradually the government’s propaganda, policies, […]


In the last year, many sexual assault and harassment cases towards women have been uncovered, involving high ranking and powerful men. These cases probably represent the tip of the iceberg of sexual misconducts of the entire year. In many cases, women were criticised and blamed. The drawings and the series of under-wears represent women’s right […]