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Category: Featured essays

From famous figures and works to contemporary pieces and their implications, read up on the engaging essays from some of Yiara’s contributors.

Maria Vermeer’s Secret Career – Sophia Perring

In recent years, six of thirty-four of Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer’s paintings have been revealed to actually be the work of his daughter, Maria Vermeer. In this essay, Sophia Perring examines why she has remained unknown to us for so long.

“L’Archiviste” de Celia Perrin Sidarous – Marie-Hélène Durocher

L’exposition L’Archiviste se présente, à première vue, comme un véritable collage à même les murs du musée McCord, où se côtoient objets et images tirés de la collection du musée et de la collection personnelle de l’artiste. Mais il en est bien plus, Celia Perrin Sidarous y met efficacement en relation l’Histoire et les histoires, l’historique et l’anodin.

When Art Takes a Backseat: An Interview With Malak El Mahmoudy – Yaasrah Ahmed

Contemporary Western art has recently become synonymous with self-expression and liberation. In this interview with Malak El Mahmoudy, our contributor Yaasrah Ahmed explores the perspective of viewing the pursuit of art as a privilege, rather than as a right. What forces artists to put their art on hold? And in what case does the pursuit of art put an artist’s liberation at risk?