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Category: Interviews

Yiara editors and contributors meet with practicing artists, writers, public figures and students to discuss their work.

Taking the Spotlight: A Conversation with Journalist Wendy Lu – Meera Raman

Wendy Lu was destined to become a writer. “I have always wanted to be a journalist,” she said over Zoom, with a smile on her face. “I was on the newspaper back in high school and middle school and before that, when I was very little, I created my own neighbourhood newspaper. It was just something that I always wanted to do, mainly because I loved writing.”

A Conversation with Tattoo Artist Rosa Laura – Meera Raman

“I lost complete control of the message I was trying to send.” 32-year-old, New York-based tattoo artist Rosa Laura posted a five-minute video on their Instagram page, not knowing it would garner worldwide attention and more than 2 million views.

On Tattoos and Belonging: An Interview with Anni Rose

In an interview with Yiara Online, Concordia artist and Art Education student Anni Rose discusses their recent project, On Tattoos and Belonging. Coupling elegant self-portraiture and biting poetry, Rose reflects on the healing and empowering potential of self-representation.

Laurence Philomène on the Beauty of Everyday Trans Existence – Sarah Hollyer-Carney

Montreal-based photographer, director, and curator Laurence Philomène creates a warm and colourful world in their work. Their photographic practice serves as a vivid and beautiful visual archive of trans people’s lives, bodies, and self-expressions. Sarah Hollyer-Carney spoke to Philomène about authenticity, activism, and the process of documenting the everyday moments of trans experience.