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Le Lin, 不要泄露或隐瞒我 / don’t reveal or conceal me

Back in 2017, I dedicated a month to myself. I screen-printed 6 blank shirts with the words “不要泄露或隐瞒我 / don’t reveal or conceal me” and wore them every day throughout that month. This project reflected the places my mind was going to – places of internalized gender disorientation and of navigating the performative aspects of walking through the world in a Chinese queer/trans body.

Taking the Spotlight: A Conversation with Journalist Wendy Lu – Meera Raman

Wendy Lu was destined to become a writer. “I have always wanted to be a journalist,” she said over Zoom, with a smile on her face. “I was on the newspaper back in high school and middle school and before that, when I was very little, I created my own neighbourhood newspaper. It was just something that I always wanted to do, mainly because I loved writing.”

Parlons punk ? – Lune Wagner

Prends un café et ton imagination, je t’emmène à Olympia, capitale de l’État de Washington. On est dans les années 70 lorsqu’un nouveau campus pointe le bout de son pavillon : l’université publique d’Evergreen.

Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky, Lovestuff, 2018–

Lovestuff is a series that explores what we choose to keep from past relationships, romantic or otherwise. Subjects are asked to select something they have kept from a past relationship and write a note about what they have chosen, the memory associated with it, or the relationship itself. Through these images, the viewer is offered an intimate look into the subjects’ experiences of love, loss, and healing.

A Conversation with Tattoo Artist Rosa Laura – Meera Raman

“I lost complete control of the message I was trying to send.” 32-year-old, New York-based tattoo artist Rosa Laura posted a five-minute video on their Instagram page, not knowing it would garner worldwide attention and more than 2 million views.

Cheville, – Sophia Borowska & Teresa Dorey

In a basement with limestone walls whose surfaces chip and crumble and where new dust makes an appearance each day, Sophia Borowska and Teresa Dorey present sculptures that pose visceral questions and address the body’s memory.

With Pulp – Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky

With Pulp is an ongoing body of work informed by queer ecology, a theory that considers environmental studies and queer theory to be deeply interconnected, as both deal with issues of binaries, dualisms, and intimacies between living beings.

Maria Vermeer’s Secret Career – Sophia Perring

In recent years, six of thirty-four of Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer’s paintings have been revealed to actually be the work of his daughter, Maria Vermeer. In this essay, Sophia Perring examines why she has remained unknown to us for so long.

Beyond the Skin – ANLING DUNN

“Beyond the Skin” is a portrait photography series by artist Anling Dunn. It explores and highlights the physical features that are perceived as “shameful” by society.

HOME: hold – Aaliyah Crawford

“HOME” is a seven part series addressing the personal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the artist’s mental health. Here’s the final part.