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Kristy’s Fight – Christine Beaudoin

Kristy Hoffman is a female boxer aiming for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Photographer Christine Beaudoin has been following Kristy’s life as a boxer who is at the nascence of her career.

Untitled (Mommy) – Aaliyah Crawford

Aaliyah Crawford is a third year Montreal Undergraduate in Print Media student exploring personal themes such as privacy, intimacy and abuse. By creating a dialogue between her lived experiences and those of the viewers through imagery, printed objects, installation and text, she attempts to bridge the gap between the innately individual and the universal, connecting viewer and artist through shared vulnerability.

EXPLANATIONS – Marika Madimenos

“As an artist, my work merges imagination, memory and perception of my experiences into an abstract body. I have always tried to express emotions on a canvas, far enough to have the viewer feel what I was feeling. Over the years, I have found that it is easier to make a connection between the canvas and the beholder through abstract work.” Explore Madimenos’ work here.

Laurence Philomène on the Beauty of Everyday Trans Existence – Sarah Hollyer-Carney

Montreal-based photographer, director, and curator Laurence Philomène creates a warm and colourful world in their work. Their photographic practice serves as a vivid and beautiful visual archive of trans people’s lives, bodies, and self-expressions. Sarah Hollyer-Carney spoke to Philomène about authenticity, activism, and the process of documenting the everyday moments of trans experience.

When Art Takes a Backseat: An Interview With Malak El Mahmoudy – Yaasrah Ahmed

Contemporary Western art has recently become synonymous with self-expression and liberation. In this interview with Malak El Mahmoudy, our contributor Yaasrah Ahmed explores the perspective of viewing the pursuit of art as a privilege, rather than as a right. What forces artists to put their art on hold? And in what case does the pursuit of art put an artist’s liberation at risk?