subterranean rainbow & upside down human – Julia Woldmo

MARCH 5, 2021

subterranean rainbow & upside down human (right side up plants) peer through an ecologically embedded aperture, using gouache, water colour, pencil and detritus to create pictures that fluctuate between earthen and otherworldly. Probing at subliminal representations of mud, fruiting bodies, and dream froth, these works parallel the intrinsic human connection to earthen cycles, functioning as an allegory to all that is alive through reproduction and tangential sensuality. With an attentiveness to the overlooked and the ground-dwelling elements of nature – organic form, erogenous colour, and amorphous bodies are used as surrogates for slow worlds of the haptic realm. Be it in the fathoming of the work itself or emanating from the beings within the image, a sense of implied transition and surrender to one’s environment is deeply felt. Equipped with the sagacity of super-sensitivity, embryonic forms from the sublunary sphere decompose and morph into unusual entities, melding within their ether as they so gently recall our own.
An undergraduate
feminist art & art history