An Interview with Nahed Mansour – Eva Morrison

Toronto-based artist Nahed Mansour’s recent work annexes representations the figure of “Little Egypt” in American popular culture, exploring the contradictions that arise as she is fetishized and popularized yet cast as an immoral “Other”. Little Egypt’s introduction of belly dancing in her emblematic performance at the 1893 World’s Fair lead to her assertion of self […]

MUSEUM – Hazel Thexton

Hazel Thexton’s piece depicts modern women’s grooming products, as seen through the lens of a future society’s exhibit on archaic, restrictive beauty practices. This postmodern frame aims to recalibrate our understanding of contemporary grooming and beauty norms as self-evident and normal. The viewer must reconsider their usual reaction of shock or derision to similarly framed […]


In the last year, many sexual assault and harassment cases towards women have been uncovered, involving high ranking and powerful men. These cases probably represent the tip of the iceberg of sexual misconducts of the entire year. In many cases, women were criticised and blamed. The drawings and the series of under-wears represent women’s right […]

(REVIEW) Performer l’archive: la création d’un espace dialogique queer chez Pauline Boudry et Renate Lorenz

La Galerie de l’UQAM présentait à l’hiver 2017, en collaboration avec la Biennale de l’image en mouvement de Genève, l’installation vidéo Silent (2016) du collectif berlinois Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz.