A historical Islamic revolution took place in 1979 in Iran that changed the life of people, especially that of women. Before 1979, women were not questioned because of their appearance in the streets. Wearing hijab became compulsory in Iran during the first few months after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Gradually the government’s propaganda, policies, […]

CONSEXUAL – Alex Apostolidis

Mainstream pornography is filled with images of violence, misogyny and insecurity. I want these images to challenge the power dynamic presented in typical erotic imagery that we consume these days by being ambiguous, yet consensual and confident through composition and lighting. Redefining the sexuality in gender ambiguity, these images are challenging the idea of femininity […]

(INTERVIEW) From the Ground Up: In Conversation with Montreal Artist Sophia Borowska

Our English editor, Danica Pinteric, recently sat down with Montreal-based, Concordia-graduate and interdisciplinary artist, Sophia Borowska, to discuss her upcoming solo show, Lot, at Gamma (November 23 – December 12). Lot is an exhibition dedicated to the vacant lot that was once home to the Omnipac Building – an abandoned factory for cardboard boxes turned community meeting place situated at the intersection of Avenues Parc and Van Horne. A mix of photography and sculpture, Lot presents Borowska’s meditation on ephemerality, orientation, memory, and attachment in relation to the space.